About Me.

Name – Vicky K

Age – 19 (Nearly 20, YAY!)

Location – Ireland, For now.

Occupation – Student. Leaving Cert starts in two weeks! Ahhh!

Hobbies – Photography, reading, xbox.

Music – Anything and Everything. My iTunes is a mess.

Films – The list is endless. Nothing sappy. Except Love Actually and PS I Love You. But they’re just amazing.

So this is a blog about my life. Asthma, School, Nutty alcoholic stepdads, boyfriends, you name it, I’ll moan about it.  I call my asthma special. It’s special because like me, it doesn’t know what it’s doing. One day I can be pretty good, and the next be absolutely shit and need intensive care. It’s a confused world. As it stands I’ve about 45-50% Lung function with an FEV1 (Fancy lung stuff used to measure lung function. Goes on height) of 1.4. I’m special! I’m on home nebulisers, continuous steroids and all sorts. But in all fairness the evil red smarties (prednisolone – steroids) are causing the most damage and because of it I’ve osteoporosis, severe reflux and some other stuff. I’m on crutches at the minute because I destroyed my knee, and at 10am tomorrow I’m off for an MRI of it! That’ll be fun! I’m sitting my leaving cert in a few weeks, which should be a laugh considering my attendance this year has been abysmal, but we shall see!

I love listening to music, and at the minute am listening to Glee Presents: The Warblers and Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk a fair bit. Also Atlas Hands by Benjamin Leftwich because it was our leaving song in school and holds many sentimental values. But I shall talk about the school mass another day.

Onwards and Upwards!


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