Arch Nemesis Number 2. Cannula’s.

Now for those non medically minded among you, a cannula is the needle they like to stick in you when you go into hospital, either in your arm or the back of your hand. It comes in many different colours and sizes. Now the theory is that a cannula goes into the vein and is stuck down so that nurses and doctors and other strange people with letters after their name may inject things into your vein, or put things like fluids through it to hydrate you etc. That’s all fine and well until you meet someone who has had many many cannulas and no longer has veins to be seen. This generally results in cannula’s in less than perferable places, such as feet, ankles, backs of wrists and if you’re very unlucky, big fuck off cannulas called central lines that go into your neck.

Cannula’s are great when they’re in. You get drugs through them quickly, they work better and quicker and once they’re in, unless you catch it, doesn’t hurt. Until that is, it tissues. In other word the vein collapses and the stuff is going straight into the tissue surrounding. Now that hurts. Especially when it’s something nasty like Pottassium. Which to have through a vein is like someone injecting cyanide into you. It fucking hurts. In a lot of people who have shite veins, like myself, and many of my friends, you’d be lucky to get a cannula to last a day.

This my friends, is why cannula’s are on my list of Arch Nemesis’s for this week.

Ouchies cannula 😦 Back of the wrist = Work of the Devil


2 thoughts on “Arch Nemesis Number 2. Cannula’s.

  1. Eww, that photo makes me feel really ill!

    Don’t know how I would cope with having metal sticking in me all day, I am so squemish I think I would be fainting all the time. Still, I suppose it’s the ultimate piercing!

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