Arch Nemisis No 3. Missing headphone earbuds.

Day 3 – Missing earbuds

Earbudless headphones

That is the most annoying thing ever. I never leave the house without my iPhone. Ever. It’s my source of life. It’s my phone and music player, and I go made without it. So whenever I get into town or school or where-ever it may be and discover a bud is missing off my headphones, making me not be able to use that earphone, I get very annoyed. It bugs me. A lot. And this is exactly what happened today. I was sitting in the chemist waiting on my meds, lifted my headphones out of my bag, plugged them in to my phone, went to put them into my ear and discovered I was missing a bud. I wasn’t best impressed. I then knew I was doomed to listen to my mother moan on and on and on the whole way home about something stupid and had no headphones to ignore her with. Not good!


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