Arch Nemisis. Day 5 – The Chickens.

The Demon Chickens

Meet, the chickens. These are my grandads latest “project” as my nanny calls them. The chickens are a disaster, because I spend half my life chasing my dog away from them telling her that the chickens are not for her to eat, and if she doesn’t behave, when we do decide to eat them, she will get none. It’s also interesting when they escape, because they tend to go in completely seperate directions and I can’t be in four places at once! Why do I have to look after the menaces? Because as I said before, they’re another one of pappy’s “projects” and he’s already bored of them. I reckon he’ll get a goat next. Only problem is, we can’t pluck and stuff a goat. That could be interesting. I’ve named the chickens. Lurch, Celia, Betty and Rosie. Don’t ask me why, I was bored one day. But yes. These are my arch nemisis’ for day 5.


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