Arch Nemisis – Day 6. Fence Panels.

Now this sounds stupid, and it probably is, But I f**king hate fence panels. Last summer t’other half asked me to help him replace a couple of fence panels in his back garden for his mum. Ok says me, can’t be too difficult. 4 hours later, 3 broken fence panels and 3 splinters I decided I’d had enough of the fence panels and gave up. For those who have no idea what such a thing is, a fence panel is a large 1x1m piece of plywood or something of the sort that you use for fencing your garden. Chris’s garden subsides. Hence the fence panels subside. Along with the concrete pillars holding them together. When I was over seeing him at easter, the same thing happened. I said I was having nothing to do with them and sat and watched Dr Who, I didn’t think that unreasonable, considering the emotional and physical damage they’d put me through before. I’ve decided when I get a house, I’m putting proper wood panels up, that aren’t 1mx1m so that when one breaks, you don’t have to spent 3 hours taking it out and fixing it! Grrrrr.

Fence Panels...


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