Popular Opinion

Right, I need a rant, and this being my blog is the place to do it. If you don’t like this fact then bugger off.

Ok, It’s recently come to my attention that certain people don’t like my attitude so to speak. I have two words to you. Stick it. If you think I enjoy being in hospital, that I enjoy going to ICU and having lines coming out of every fucking limb and hole you can, that I enjoy spending 10 weeks out of my school year stuck in a hospital bed and then managing to pass 6 A-Levels with distinction, then you try it. You deal with the fear when they tell you you’re going to ICU and the pain when they spend half an hour literally digging around in leg looking for a vein.

Look, I have asthma. I accept that. I also accept that I have to change a lot of things I do because of my asthma. If you knew how angry/upset/frustrated it makes me then you’d maybe have some small understanding of what I go through. Yea, Ok, you might have asthma too. You might feel as shit as I do. But I honestly thought that the people who go through it would be the last people to judge me for who I am and would be there to support me. If you don’t like this, then stop reading my blog, block me on facebook or whatever, But don’t ever, ever tell me that I enjoy this kind of thing.

Rant over.

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