12 of 12 – Sept ’11

Didn't sleep at all on Sunday night. Paid for it yesterday!

Managed to pour water into the milk instead of the glass...

It's Shaun the Sheep - Loughborough style

The numbers of the paints I need for my model Apollo 11. Models are bad for my bank account

Took Bobby for lunch in Fenwicks. The chicken and ham Pie was so amazing I didn't get a pic before I wolfed it.

My uncle wears a nutty bow tie everytime I see him. I burst out laughing when I saw these and thought of him

£2.35 for that! I nearly had an heart attack on the spot!

This is all I remember of the bus ride home. I fell asleep.

This is what I spent the guts of about 100quid on lol. Bad Vicky

The start of my model Apollo 11!

I don't even know how I was still awake by this point.

And it's bedtime!

And that concludes my 12 of 12 for September!

12 of 12 was originated by


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