Keeping up appearances.

So I’m going to try and manage to blog before the end of the month, so I can say I’ve blogged twice in a month. That would be quite an achievement.

So what’s new in Vickyland? Well, I got back from Tenerife and wasn’t very well. I’d gone to some silly lengths to avoid being captured in Tenerife because that would just ruin my holiday, so an admission as soon as I got back was pretty much inevitable and I was admitted the day after I got back. It wasn’t terrible though and I was only in for 6 days and wasn’t too bad upon discharge. What did piss me off though was having to pay £35 quid for a taxi home from the hospital because I was in the wrong hospital to get a bus home. Grr. But I got 2 visits from the lovely Kira and Cookie and a visit from my friend Cazii, so I wasn’t completely bored. And then Chris came over a few days after I got out, which made my weekend.

For anyone who doesn’t know, It’s not the ex-arsehole Chris I’m talking about. It’s the new shiny improved Chris that is much more suitable and nicer 🙂 We’ve been going out for about 2 months now and things are going well. It’s difficult keeping a long distance relationship going, but we’re going to get there. Hopefully he’ll either move over here when he finishes uni, or I’ll go to uni in Belfast. Not quite sure which yet. But here’s hoping 🙂

Booked some flights back to Ireland at the end of Feb for 2 weeks. Really looking forward to it. It was good getting home at Christmas, but going home on my own this time will be good aswell. Miss the family. Should then be going out to Tenerife in April for Cookie’s 21st aswell for 2 weeks. /Really/ looking forward to that one. It’ll be my first proper holiday abroad with friends. Here’s to an awesome, healthy few months!

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