Out of Jail. Again.

So I finally managed to get out of hospital, five weeks later. Most unimpressed that it took that long and I’m still not completely right. The good thing is a lot of things came out of this admission in the long run. I’ve been started on a drug for my heart because of the problems I was having, and so far it’s working. I had the doseage increased today so I will start on the higher one tomorrow and it might also help my fast heart rate. So fingers crossed it helps. I also have an appointment at the end of the month with the cardiologist to review things and see how I’m doing. I also am being seen by one of the top chest physicians in the country which I wanted anyway, but it was going to be in Birmingham. But getting admitted up here meant I saw him sooner and he has transferred care up here. It’s logistically easier.

My ESA backpay came through while I was in hospital, which meant a spending spree on Amazon lol. I bought myself a kindle, Which I am now in love with, a new neb (Pari Boy Mobile for anyone who cares) and a shitload of 3DS games lol. I also managed to help some friends out which was good. I know I probably should’ve saved some, and I had done until I decided I wanted a kindle and hadn’t quite realised just how much I’d been spending. Oops. One day I’ll learn lol.

Other than that, not much exciting things have happened. It’s been a manic week so far, and the manicness continues for another few weeks. Cookie has her hip op next week, so we’re hoping to get the flat into some kind of usable state. They finally came to fix the dodgy plastering in the lounge that was stopping us from putting up curtains and things, so we can get it floored now and start unpacking some of the large amounts of crap that came from the old flat. We will get there eventually!

Stay well people! x


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