So the past few weeks have been manic for both myself and cookie in more ways than one. It was good being able to have a week away were we weren’t worrying about appointments or the flat or anything like that after spending so much time going to and from appointments for one or the other, having support workers, plumbers and all sorts coming round to the flat.

We went to Grantham to see a good friend of ours called Kira. It was fantastic being able to catch up with her and spending some quality time with her. Kira’s not had it easy the past few years but things finally seem to be looking up for her and she’s certainly looking physically a lot better and mentally seems happier which is something that always cheers me up.While we were there, 2 of our friends from AUK, Caz and Becca came up to see us. Becca was at Caz’s house at the time and Caz doesn’t live too far from Kira, so they came over for the day. It was great catching up with them, playing the wii and the worlds longest game of UNO. Definitely a good day and many laughs were had. One of the downsides of most of my friends being ones I’ve met through charities such as Asthma UK is most of the people I meet have had a really hard time, so to see them having a bit of luck and for things to be looking up for them really cheers me up aswell. But the day we arrived in Grantham was the day the Olympic Torch was due to pass through, so we all went to see that. It was a bit of an anti-climax if I’m perfectly honest. From everything I’ve heard about all the fun that was meant to go along with the torch, to be perfectly honest, standing in the pissing rain for half an hour after what had been the most insane lightening storm I’ve ever seen just to see some bloke run past with a giant candle was a bit boring. But I got a picture of it and stuff and I can say I’ve seen the olympic flame which I don’t think is something I’m ever going to be able to do again, so all is well.

After staying in Kira’s for a few days, we went to stay in Loughborough which is where I lived before I moved to Manchester. Bobby, who I lived with was going to a Methodist conference in Plymouth and needed someone to watch his flat for a few days, so me and Cookie went down. It meant aswell that I could get some bits and pieces that I’d left down there like my camera and stuff and bring them back to Manchester. Unfortunately though, Loughborough and Cookie don’t agree. It seems like everytime we set foot there, something goes wrong for one of us, and it’s generally cookie’s physical health. This time she managed to dislocate her shoulder on Tuesday night. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she hadn’t then managed to do it again half an hour later. We managed to get it back in without needing A&E input, but I did put it in a sling and stick a bag of frozen veg on it and we went to see the GP in Manch this morning, but I’ll talk more about that in a bit. It did however leave us with the problem that we couldn’t get back to Manchester because Cookies arm was in a sling, she couldn’t use her crutches or wheelchair and my hip is giving me serious bother at the minute so I can’t even push her in the chair. Bearing in mind we had a huge camping rucksack and two normal sized bags to lug aswell. It ended in a phonecall to Kira with us basically going “We don’t know what to doooooo!” down the phone at her. Thankfully her housemate was able to come to Loughborough, pick us up and drive us to Manchester. Bless him, it’s a 6 hour round trip and he didn’t even bat an eye lid. We’d be a bit screwed without them both if I’m perfectly honest!

I think the past week was good for us though, it was a welcome break from hectic life. But coming back down to earth to earth with a bang with an emergency appointment at the GP this morning for cookie’s shoulder and blood tests for us both in the morning. The GP we saw was completely useless. Cookie needed more 2.5mg steroids and she started going on about how she should be reducing quicker and shouldn’t be on long term steroids and all this. I was just sitting there banging my head off my crutches thinking “this woman is a stupid idiot, someone give me a shotgun.” We know being on long term steroids is bad, and she doesn’t reduce them quicker because other things then flare up such as severe joint and really bad headaches.  But she eventually relented when she realised we knew what we were talking about. Silly woman. But we came out of the appointment with a referral to fracture clinic for cookie’s shoulder. What good that will do seeing as it wasn’t fractured is beyond me, but they know better than I do so let’s just see.

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Anyways, enough rambling. I wanna go watch Glee and attempt to stay awake.

Until next time!


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