Impromtu Trip to Ireland.

Well after all the dramas of the past month, I decided I wanted to go home and see my mum. I needed some family cuddles after everything that had happened. I don’t want to go into it in details because it’s not up to me, but a very close friend of mine has been quite unwell and its been difficult for me to try and persuade her that people are trying to help her. Luckily since I went away she’s gotten a little bit better and I think she’s starting to get a bit better having seen her earlier this evening. 

I went back to Ireland on the 8th November, which coincidentally is my little brother’s birthday. I was able to surprise him because nobody had told him I was coming home. Seeing the look on his face when he saw me sitting in the living room made all the shit I’ve seen in the past month or so worth it. Like I said in my previous post, I have a very close relationship with my little brother, and even though we fight like cat and dog, I love him to pieces and he said it was the best birthday present he got, even better than his x-box, although I’m not convinced 😉Image

While I was home it was also my Nanny’s birthday which was quite good. I was able to see both my Nanny and little brother on their birthday. I’d already given mum her birthday present as it had been in October and I gave it to her when I was home in September. She still takes her kindle everywhere. I took my Nanny to lunch and got her a little book keyring for grandparents. Nanny means a lot to me, and I won’t see her at Christmas when I’m home because she’ll be in Tenerife. But luckily I’m due to go out to Tenerife in early January to see my dad. I’m really looking forward to this. Cookie was meant to be coming with me, but due to her own health won’t be able to. Her chest’s quite unstable at the minute and we don’t think the Tenerife weather would be good for it. It’ll be sad not to have the company, but hopefully she’ll be able to get out again next year. 

While I was home, I got to see Chris which was fantastic. He arrived about 11am and I made  him a bacon sarnie and we sat and nattered for ages. He was absolutely knackered bless him and we just spent most of the day chilling. Neither of us were really feeling up to doing much. He’s a great mate and I really enjoyed seeing him. Hopefully we’ll see each other again at Christmas, but otherwise we’re going to try and sort something for when I get back from Tenerife. 

I’m being admitted to hospital today (Monday). My chest’s been going downhill since I was at home and I was doing some extreme stuff to stay out of hospital. My consultant wants me in now and I think it’s probably a good thing. I’m dreading it. I have my bag packed with my pyjamas, underwear, toiletries and a few essentials. I’ll throw my phone chargers in tomorrow and hope that someone can make it to the flat while I’m in to pick me up some stuff. 

I’ll leave you with a few photos of my trip home.


TJ with his cake on his actual birthday. He had a party at the weekend. 

ImageDolly trying to be cute and succeeding.

ImageTJ with his cake at his birthday party.

ImageTJ and Dolly

So until next time!


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