Ok, so positivity isn’t the way the world works.

The past few weeks haven’t been what I’d call positive. I was admitted to hospital again with my chest. It’s getting a bit boring now, but to be fair I’m starting to take the opinion of “Meh, another one” and get on with it.  Was a relatively short stay this time though, but how I got admitted is the funny part. I’d a scheduled diabetes review with my practice nurse. She’s absolutely lovely and she always makes sure to book a double appt for me so that we don’t feel pushed for time. But my Hb1ac which is the main blood test they do to check your overall diabetes control was fantastic.  So anyway I was coughing a bit, well, a bit more than normal for me and was being mono-syllabic in the hope that she wouldn’t notice I couldn’t put a sentance together. Unfortunately she knows me better than that and had an ambulance called before I had a chance to argue. I really wasn’t impressed. I wasn’t expecting any of it and felt really pissed off because at the time I didn’t honestly feel I was that rubbish. But I soon realised that she made the right call. I’ve an appointment on Tuesday and I’m gonna bring her a box of chocs and a card because I think I was a bit mean to her for calling the ambulance.

But the one upside is I’ve booked my flights home to Ireland for a bit 😀 Well, I’ve not booked the return flight 😀 I’ve not decided what date I’m coming back on yet.  I might book it later, but I like knowing that I’ve got the openness for coming back. I can’t wait to see my family. I’ve not seen any of them since Xmas and after my op on my hip, I’m not allowed to fly for 3 months, so I can’t wait and am going to make the most of it. 

Speaking of my op, I’m not happy at the minute. I got a phonecall yesterday telling me they were cancelling my appointment because the aneasthetist wanted to assess me aswell, and wanted to speak to Dr R and the ortho dudes about my suitability for general anesthetic. As far as I was aware, all three of those doctors were going to be at my appointment which was why it was so important I went. But apparently it wasn’t arranged that way. I was so angry when they moved it. I thought it was going to be the start of the ball rolling to getting my hip sorted. But ho hum. They are doing it for a good reason, and they’re only looking at it for my own safety, as much as it annoys me.

Being positive when you’re having a tough time isn’t easy. But you’ve got to look at others who are having a worse time than you but still manage to get through it and come out the other side smiling. You’ve got to keep doing that in order to maintain some kind of sane mind. The tallest trees in the forest withstand the strongest winds. And I might not be the tallest tree, but I’m certainly not the smallest. 

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