For Kat

Wrote this for Kat just after she died. Was going to read it at her funeral, but it wasn’t really an appropriate ceremony. I miss her so much. I keep seeing things and thinking “Oh, Kat would like that. Must text her” and then realising. I’m also having the internal battle about deleting her number from my phone. It’s hard. One thing’s for sure, she’ll never be forgotten. Kat hadn’t blogged for a long time, but her blog was a source of support and reassurance to many. I want to try and keep it alive. Please visit it if you can, and if you know anyone who’s struggling with their health, show them to Kat’s page. 


For Kat

The day we lost you,
my world caved in.
I couldn’t believe
You’d lost the battle we all thought you’d win.

You brought out the best in me,
And I hope the world is able to see;
The woman who would always smile.
Who always went that extra mile.

You came up here,
In the dead of night.
Just to help show me,
The way to the light.

Saying goodbye was a horrid day,
But Kat, this I have to say.
We will remember you for your heart and smile,
And will always remember your fighting style.

In my heart you’re never gone,
I’ve got to find a way to carry on.
With your love and guiding hand,
Tall and proud we all will stand.

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