Getting somewhere…

Finally, after many, many moons, I’m actually getting somewhere with my life in general. My chest and hip are, for the best part, behaving themselves. I’m at home with my family, the sun is shining and I’m not feeling too bad. OK, I have a head covered in infected, scabbed eczema which is driving me crackers, but this is my life and nothing ever works the way it’s meant to, and something always goes wrong. But at least infected eczema isn’t going to put me in hospital at a moments notice. 

I’m really enjoying being at home. I’ve not seen my family since Christmas, and it’s probably going to be a while before I see them again because I’m not allowed to fly for 3 months after my op. I may be able to get back in August by boat for Lorraine’s wedding(One of my oldest friends) when dad comes back too. So that’ll be fantastic. Hopefully I’ll be able to see both of them without having to get to Tenerife to do it. I got to sit and do TJ’s homework with him the other day, and we spent nearly 2 hours teaching each other long division. I couldn’t remember how to do it, so had to teach myself again, and TJ was just really struggling with it, so he was teaching me what he knew. It was fantastic being able to do it. It makes you feel like you’re actually achieving something and helping someone you love. I love TJ to bits and I know how much he struggles with his homework, so when he was able to do the sums on his own, I was chuffed pink. These things are the reasons I love coming home. 

I’m coming back to Manchester on the 29th April. I don’t know whether I’m excited, nervous, worried, happy, what? I know what I have to do when I get back. I have my pre-op appointment for my operation and I’m really nervous of what they’re going to say. Whether or not I’m going to be allowed to have a general anesthetic or not, or even if they’re prepared to do the operation. It’s going to be a difficult day. But hopefully at the end of it I’ll have some answers to a lot of the questions that’s been on my mind about my hip for a long time. So despite the fact I’m scared shitless, I know that good things will come out of this appointment if I am positive towards it. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to report good news after it. But between now and them I hope I’ll remember/be bothered/find something to write again soon. 🙂

Until next time!

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