Back in England.

Well I got back to England yesterday. I’d managed to be a complete goon and get my dates mixed up. I thought I was due to come back on the 29th, and it wasn’t until I went to check in online that I realised it was actually the 30th. Unfortunately it mucked up many plans I’d made and plans others had made aswell. Incredibly annoying. But I’m back now, and can try and get back into some sort of routine.

While I was home, I was able to chill out alot, which was exactly what I needed. I spent two weeks doing very little and when I did do things, I wasn’t doing things that could’ve waited. I was doing stuff I had to do. But I’m very pleased with myself. I got my first pair of Converse Chuck Taylor Hi’s while I was away, and my first Monaghan GAA jersey. I’ve been after both of these for a very long time and I happened to be very lucky that the GAA jerseys were reduced from €60 to €20. I managed to buy the wrong size the day I bought it, so I sent mum in the next day to change it. They tried telling her they’d increased the price back to €60 but they hadn’t removed it from the sale rack or changed the tag on it, so in all fairness they could bugger off with their “It’s not €20 anymore”. Mwahahaha.

It was also really good to see some of my best mates while I was home. I got to see Michelle and Chris. Both of whom I don’t get to see anywhere near as much as I want. Chris lives in Belfast and came down for the day, but it got to 17.15 and we were still in town and hadn’t eaten, and his bus was at 1800, so we made a spontanious decision to find out if he could stay over. So he was able to stay over with me for the night which meant I got to see even more of him. It was great being able to spend some proper time with him. We might not be going out anymore, but we’re still best friends.

Then Michelle came round for a bit. Michelle was in my year at school and we have been friends since I was in 2nd year. She was always there when I needed someone to chat to about things at home and to this day is one of the kindest, caring people I know.  She’s going to Romania for 2 months to work in a camp for English speaking kids. She had no music or anything on her phone, and no decent headphones, so I put a shedload of music on my 4GB micro SD card so she had music on it, and then had the 2GB one she had as back up. She had no headphones either, and me being me had about 3 pairs going spare so gave her my spare skullcandy’s and one of the mini capsule speakers I had.  So hopefully now she’ll have enough music to listen to while she’s gone. I’m expecting her to take lots of pictures! She got me a slinky and a knitted bag kinda thing. But tbh, I’ve ended up using it as my snuggle (yes, at 21 years old I still use a comforter…) cause it’s really soft and reminds me of her.

Today’s being spent primarily in bed. My joints are giving hell after sitting down for most of yesterday so I’m trying to lie at about a 30-45degree angle in bed. It seems to be the most comfortable spot I can find. I’ve an appointment on Friday at the doctors, and I want to get them to sort my painkillers out and give me something for the eczema on my scalp. The shampoo has helped it scab and stop being as raw, but it’s still there and itchy something shocking. So I’m hoping the Dr will be able to give me something to help it. I’ve got my pre-operation assessment on the 9th May. I’m semi terrified. On one hand I want it over and done with, but on the other I’m dreading them saying I’m not fit enough for surgery. I also want to try and put my point across of wanting a General Anesthetic. I don’t think anyone understands just how scared I am of this. I’m having horrendous nightmares about it and all sorts. I understand why they’re reluctant, but hopefully they can see my side.

It’s good being back. I think. I get to see Cookie a bit more now, I wasn’t really able to spend much time with her when she was home for the few days before I went to Ireland and it was a bit tense because she knew she had to go back to her Nana’s and wasn’t able to stay in the flat. But now I’m hoping to be able to stay at home for a bit, until my op at least. So she can get a bit settled again in her flat. On Friday we’re initiating the bed swap, so that’ll be interesting to see how it goes. I’m hoping it goes smoothly and there’s no arguments. I don’t think there will be though, Cookie understands why I need her bed and knows I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t in serious trouble with my joints. As it is I think they’ve gotten significantly worse while I was in Ireland. Now any sort of movement is agony.

But for the rest of the week I’m planning on chilling. Apart from an appointment at my GP surgery tomorrow for bloods and then the dr’s appointment on Friday, and our support worker coming round on Friday afternoon, it’s a relatively quiet week. Normally there’s appointments left, right and center. But I’m getting a bit of a break 🙂  Might use my free time to finally finish Super Mario Bros 2 and Lego Lord of the Rings for my 3DS.

Till next time! x



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