What an admission.

Ok, so you go to bed on a Thursday night feeling completely fine, and wake up feeling shite on Friday morning. How does that make any kind of sense? I ended up in A&E on Friday evening feeling absolutely shite. Usual rigmarole of IV’s, blood tests and prodding doctors began, again and I prepared myself for spending another weekend in hospital. Adding into the countless number of weekends I’ve already spent this year.  But I got out this afternoon, and when I was sitting in the discharge lounge, I started chasing up my hip op date. I rang the booking office at 14.25 and was told that I hadn’t even been put on the waiting list yet because my consultant and the anesthetist hadn’t spoken to each other about it yet and hadn’t discussed if they were ready to even consider operating on me. So anyway, I asked if they’d give me a ring when they’d decided whether they were going to operate on me and when I’d be on the list. They reckoned that it would be at least July because of the length of the waiting list and the fact I needed to be in HDU/ICU after. So I’d pretty much accepted that when at 14.55 (I checked the times on my phone because I couldn’t quite believe my luck) I got a phonecall telling me there had been a cancellation and did I want to go in on the 5th June? Of course I said yes! I don’t even think I thought it through properly!

So they’re now going to do my op on the 5th June. I need to go into hospital a few days before for IV’s on my resp ward, then onto the ortho ward the morning of my surgery/go straight to theatre from the resp ward. I’m really bloody nervous. There’s so much other stuff going on at the minute that I’m not sure whether I’m coming or going. We got offered a flat the other day, all be it not ground floor and not in our area, but it shows that we are very close to the top of the list. So how the hell are we going to manage if they decide to move us smack bang in the middle of me recovering. Shit. Freak out central.  I’ve to go to the hospital tomorrow for an appointment with my chest consultant, so while I’m there I’m going to sort out my admission to the ward, speak to consultant about after the op and where I’m going and when I’m getting to Wilson after. (I don’t want to be left to the mercy of the Ortho ward if my chest goes off). Dad’s said he’s going to come up for it aswell, and hopefully Irene can come down to see me aswell. So I’ll not be on my own in the anesthetic room. The thing that’s scaring me is being on my own when they’re putting the spinal and sedation in. It’s stupid. I’m 21 and have had more needles shoved in me, bloods taken and scared enough to make me have nightmares about it. But this is something pretty new for me. I’m going to load my iPod with music, and make sure that I’m allowed to listen to it constantly and in recovery and ICU. 

So if anyone has any tips on how to prepare and what to bring into hospital? I’m pretty new to all of this!

5th of June, here I come!


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