Severe Asthma or Not Severe Asthma?



This is a day of the life of Vicky in meds. I take 6 salbutamol nebulisers, which is equivalent to 30mg of salbutamol. That’s not with the extra ones I need. 4 Atrovent .500mcg nebs, 2 puffs of Seretide 500 twice a day, 10mg of Oramorph twice a day, 1 NaCl neb twice a day, 4mls of Bupivicaine .25% nebulised twice a day, Ondansetron 4mg melt at night, GlucoTabs for hypos, generally about 6am then all the tablets I take aswell. I wouldn’t put things like this up, but I was reading earlier about someone saying they had really severe asthma and had been in hospital with a tube down their throat “so many times I’ve lost count.” But when I ask what meds they take, I get “I take two inhalers. they’re blue. One says salamol and one says ventolin” It makes me wonder how different people perceive their asthma. I know mine’s severe, but I wouldn’t say that it’s to the point of being life threatening. I know some others think otherwise, but I’ve been lucky with my asthma. Yes, I’ve been to ICU, but apart from a fair bit of NIV (Non-Invasive Ventilation) I’ve never been intubated.  So am I severe?  I know friends who are attached to a pump 24hrs a day, and have been intubated a lot for their asthma. But at the same time, with asthma comes other things. The side effects of the medications we take, can sometimes be worse than the condition itself. Because of steroids for my asthma, I needed my hip replaced. Because of that I’m now on a lot of painkillers, take calcium and am soon going to be starting a monthly IV medication for bone protection to stop my other hip getting any worse. I still walk with crutches and there’s days I can’t get out of bed. But I’m lucky. I have a fantastic team of Dr’s, Nurses and everyone else involved in my care who look after me. I have an amazing support network of family and friends. Even though my family don’t live near, my friends make up for that. And my family are always there for me, to ring at 4am, or to fly the whole way here from Tenerife because I’m scared. So yea, I take a lot of medication, and things can be shit. But the way I look at it? I’m alive, and I’m happy. And I’ll take happiness any day, even if that means taking enough pills to make me rattle. 

Keep smiling folks, there’s always someone who cares. 


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