Pointless Clinic Appointment.

Well I was meant to be seeing Dr N this morning. At the minute I’ve got a chest infection, and am feeling a bit rubbish.  Last night was the first night I got more than about an hours sleep and had to get up at 8 o’clock this morning to get to clinic on time.  I was expecting to see my consultant and get a couple of things sorted. I needed a plan drawn up for when I show up in A&E. Of the treatment I was to receive. Also to find out whether or not I’m staying on Bupivicaine nebulisers. So far they seem to be working, but at the minute I’m not able to take them while I’m on antibiotics. Because I can’t eat or drink for 2 hours after my nebs, I can’t have them. Increasing my steroids and having a sore throat means I’m drinking a lot more. And then having an infection aswell is making me drink a lot aswell. So it’s just not feasible. So they’re happy for me to restart them when I’m better.

But Dr N wasn’t in, and I ended up seeing a reg. Bearing in mind it’s August, the registrars rotated yesterday so it was a registrar that only started yesterday. He didn’t know how to sign into the computer. He had never read my notes. He didn’t know a thing about me. When I came in, he went to use alcohol hand gel. I warned him I’m very allergic to it and he ignored me. I started wheezing something shocking. He panicked and got the consultant in. I told them to cotton on, that I only needed a few nebs and I’d be fine. That as usual nobody had listened to me. So I had my neb and left. I went via the physios and managed to sort my hydrotherapy referral out, so I’m just waiting on an appointment for that now.

So yea, I got out of bed, wasted £10 on taxi fare that I could really have done with not spending and ended up feeling like shit for reasons that could’ve been avoided. Not impressed. So until the next time I splatt, or in 3 months when I see him in clinic, I won’t see him again.

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