Manic few months

Well, since my last blog post, I’ve been in hospital (surprise surprise), been back to see my family in Ireland and managed to see dad and Irene!

The hospital admission wasn’t surprising. I had a chest infection and I knew it was coming. It was a bad one for me, and scared me quite a bit. Especially because it took the ambo over an hour to get here after the FRV had arrived. I could see he was getting quite worried and I wasn’t feeling overly hot. But I’ve bounced back as usual, and as I type this, have just sat down after getting back from Ireland!

I’d gone over on the 24th Aug and was staying till today. The Saturday I’d arrived I knew that dad was going to a wedding in Belfast with Irene, and I wanted to get to see him and I knew that if I didn’t go to Belfast, I wouldn’t get to see him.  So despite having being up since 5.30am, I flew to Dublin, got the bus to Monaghan, got showered, changed and some food and then tried to find somewhere to kip in Belfast. Then got the bus to Belfast and a taxi to the hotel. So was on the go all day and didn’t get to bed until about 1.30am or so.  It was good seeing dad though and I enjoyed the wedding reception.  

The next day I got to go and have some lunch with Chris and Jen in the bus depot, then had a cup of coffee with dad and Irene before they headed for the airport. So once I’d seen them off I headed to catch the bus back to Monaghan. I was absolutely shattered. I’d been on the go for 20hours the previous day, and then got about 5 hours sleep on the Sat night. I managed to get some sleep on the bus then got home and tootered to bed for a doze. 

To be honest, the rest of my trip was pretty uneventful. I got to see my best friend Michelle a fair bit while I was home, which was absolutely amazing. I’ve not got to spend any proper time with her in a very long time because I spend so much time over here and when I am home, she tends to be working or in college. But I managed to catch her before she went back to college and we went to the cinema to see “The World’s End.” It wasn’t as good as I expected from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, but it still had some laughs and I enjoyed it 🙂 Then we went for some tea and soft drinks and put the world to rights for a bit. We went home and sorted her some flights to come and see me at new years which I’m REALLY looking forward to. I’m going to be over here for new years and it’s my first new year in my new flat with Cookie, so to be able to spend it with two of my best friends is fantastic. Then yesterday we went for sunday dinner and discovered the giant Alice in Wonderland chair outside the hotel which just amused us no end! And then we went for a bit of a drive and she dropped me off at my nanny’s and had a ramble and a cup of tea at nanny’s. It was just fantastic being able to spend some time with her.



But today has been manic. I stayed at nanny’s last night because it was going to be the only time I could. I checked my bank balance after midnight and nearly had a heart attack. 3 had taken my bill out twice.  Bearing in mind I’d paid it earlier in the week, I knew it shouldn’t need paid again. But they took the direct debit out and I didn’t know that was going to happen if I paid the bill early. So it left me with £5 in my bank account. Unfortunately I couldn’t speak to 3 until 8am to sort it out, so didn’t sleep great last night. But I woke up shortly after 8 and rang everyone I could to sort it out and ended up on hold to the bank for 20mins. But it was sorted out pretty quick thank feck and they put the 2nd payment back into my account immediately.

But I was able to play a little bit of football and swingball with TJ while I was home and drew some pictures with him. It was brilliant to just be able to do some normal stuff with him. I know it was sore for me and hurts now, but to be honest I don’t care. It was just good to be able to do things that he enjoys and he knows it was special because I’m not able to do it very often, and haven’t done anything like that with him in a very long time. It felt good. 


So now I’m home, and am absolutely knackered. But I’ve got a few days before Cookie comes home and then it’s back to my loony lifestyle!


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