Christmas and Holidays to Tenerife

So I was able to spend this Christmas in Tenerife with Dad, Irene, Sean and Sean’s Gran. It was the first Xmas I’ve spent with dad in about 6 years. I loved being able to spend it with dad and his first Xmas with Irene. I was lucky because I was in hospital until the Saturday and flew on the Monday. Was a bit of a mad panic getting everything sorted, but I managed it!

Anyway, the first day I was here I arrived about 7ish and dad and I went for dinner then headed home. I didn’t actually do a lot fot a few days until Sean and Irene came over on the Friday. I went down to the rocks and took some pictures at sunset. Was quite pleased with the results!




On Friday, I went out with my grandparents for a while and we went to a town called Playa San Juan and I took some more pictures and had some lunch with them, then I went back to their apartment for a while and then they left me home. After a rather spectacular argument about the fact that pappy didn’t want me to go to dinner with them. Apparently it meant he wouldn’t be able to drink with dinner because he would have to bring me back and wouldn’t be able to drive. Needless to say neither nanny or I were very happy about it and it just proved that he really is becoming an alcoholic. But I came home anyway and Irene, Sean and Margaret, Irene’s mum had just arrived. We went out for a few drinks but me in true fashion came home early because I couldn’t cope with all the smoke, drunks and noise. 22 going on 200. But here’s a few pictures that I took in San Juan.









Not a lot else happened until Christmas Eve. We all went out for the party in the square. I attempted to be 22 and put make up on. Didn’t do a bad job of it either! But unfortunately my eyes decided to react and I ended up a teary, itchy mess. But to be honest everyone was drunk and I was sitting inside on my own. So I was fed up anyway. So I went home and washed the make up off and had just sat down and taken my shoes off when dad managed to persuade me to go out again so shoes went back on and out I went again. Was good fun in the square anyway, there was karaoke and Sean and Irene sang a duet and Sean sang on his own. Was good fun, but I came home because my chest was starting to grumble and I was getting a bit bored.

Christmas morning started for me at 9.15am when Sean came round wanting to open his presents. So we all opened our presents and sat and chatted for a while. I got some good presents this year! I got some gift vouchers for clothes shops and a preloaded Visa card, aswell as a Dr Who TV board game and an awesome Angry Birds hat from dad and Irene. I got some smelly’s for the bath from Irene’s stepdaughter, some chocolate from Margaret and Pokémon cards from Sean. We had a lovely Christmas dinner in a restaurant overlooking the sea. I’ve never seen a plate with so much food piled on in my life. Nobody, even dad managed to get through it all!

I came home and went to bed for an hour and then sat and watched telly with dad. Was a great day and I liked being able to spend it with this side of my dysfunctional family. Was the first time in ages I’ve seen dad chilled and I got to spend some time on my own with dad, which isn’t something that happens very often. I hate Christmas, for the past few years it’s not been an occasion that I’ve been able to enjoy. It’s always been something that I’ve put up with out of necessity. But this time I was able to enjoy it, and that in itself was a present.

Today I went and spent some time with the grandparents before I head home tomorrow. We went to a town near dad called Las Gallestas and Nanny and I sat along the promenade and I went and took some pictures of the sea while pappy went and had a walk around the Marina. Then we went to San Eugenio and I got some amazeballs presents. Nanny and Pappy got me some new kit for my camera. I got a new 70-300mm lens, a tripod, a case and some filters. It was fab. I love photography and to be able to expand gives me something to do!

Christmas presents!

Anyway, back to the UK tomorrow. From sunshine to flooding! Woo!



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