Project 365 Week 1

So I decided to follow on from Mumto2wcf‘s idea of Project 365. The idea is that basically you take a picture of something everyday that you want to remember and look back on. Different people have different takes on it, but my understanding of it is so I can see just what I got up to in the previous year and what could go better/worse etc. So anyway, I’m going to /try/ and keep my blog a bit more updated with P365 posts! So here’s week 1 of 2014!


Day 1 – Wednesday 1st Jan – I had Michelle over for a few days over New Year. It was fantastic to see her again. I’ve not seen her since I was home in August and she’s never been over here before. We didn’t do alot on NYE. Cookie had gone to see West Side Story with her family, so we just chilled in the flat for a bit and watched movies. When cookie got back we had a few drinks, saw in the new year and watched the fireworks on the telly, and then headed to bed. It was a tough night for me. New Years has always been a bad time for me. I think it was always the thought that it was going to be another year of drunken arguments with James etc. But that’s not going to be the case anymore. But I’ll talk about that next time.

Day 2 – Thurs 2nd Jan – I’d said goodbye to Michelle that morning as she had to catch her flight back to Dublin about 1pm. So she had gone to the airport about 10.30 because me and cookie had hospital appointments to get to for 11ish. I had clinic with my consultant and cookie had her Xolair jab. Clinic was pretty successful. He’s going to speak to my Orthopeadic consultant and tell him that he doesn’t think my chest is a reason not to go ahead with my hip replacement. So hopefully they’ll be more willing to go ahead with it. He’s also referring me to endocrinolgy. I’ve been having countless problems with my sugars lately, whereby I’m having to eat massive amounts of sugar to keep my levels up, then they’ll oddly spike a high for no reason. So he’s referring me to see if they can work out what’s causing it. It’s interfering with one of the nebulisers I take, as I’m not meant to eat or drink for 2 hours after, and if I’m needing to keep my sugars up, that’s just not an option. So hopefully something more will come of that.  But I was sitting in clinic doodling in my little sketchbook, and drew this picture of the 10th Doctor. AKA David Tennant’s Dr Who. I think it’s quite cute and I like the angle he’s stood at!

Friday 3rd Jan – Disaster. I’d been doing OK for most of the day, and then suddenly, out of nowhere started to really struggle with my chest. It came on out of the blue, and after a few hours of trying to settle it with nebs, I had to admit defeat. There’s a system used by the ambulance service for deaf people, whereby you can text if you need an ambulance. It’s also useful for me because if I’m having an attack, the last thing I want to be doing is having a conversation with someone on the phone. But this time they were really busy. As in it took them 35mins to send anyone out, and even then it was only a motorbike responder. I ended up having a paramedic themed fancy dress party in my flat with the amount of green meanies there was! But anyways, off to A&E and the usual rigmarole began again. IV’s up, nebs increased, oxygen and rest. We were having problems with my stupid sats again, and I was completely bored out of my tree so snapped the picture of the sats probe. It, along with a peak flow meter, are probably the two most hated items in a diagnostic arsenal.

Sat 4th Jan – So I’m still in hospital, and even worse is I’m on the Assessment ward. I hate it on there. It’s noisy, busy and the nurses are a pain in the ass. They’re all grumpy sods and it’s obvious that they’re only there for the pay they get. The entire time I was on that ward, which was about 4 days in total, not one of the nurses took the time to say hello properly. The HCA’s were great, and couldn’t do enough to make you comfortable, but the nurses are just… Urgh. I think half the problem is that they’re not a respiratory ward and are expected to deal with anything and everything that’s thrown at them. Which they do and are incredibly busy. I can’t say it’s their fault they don’t get to speak to you, but they could make a bit of an effort. But Cookie had bought me this teddy for Christmas, and I’d put him in my rucksack when I was packing for good luck, so he had a hat on and cheered me up! He was my guardian against the nasty doctors!


Day 5 – Sunday 5th Jan – It was quite a rainy day, and I spent most of it snoozing or looking out my window. When you’re not well sometimes all you want to do is sleep. But the sun was poking through the clouds and I thought it looked quite cool! Sort of one of those “No matter how shit things are, the sun does come out” sort of pictures!

Day 6 – Monday 6th Jan – Much the same as yesterday to be honest. Except today I got moved to my respiratory ward. I like it on here, I know the staff and they know me. It’s good because it means that there’s always someone to talk to and they know how to treat me better suited to my condition. And there’s always someone in who’s around my age, so I’ve got someone to talk to aswell. It does make the time go a lot quicker and makes it easier. But I was waiting on a new oxygen mask since I’d snapped the elastic on mine, and just caught this picture looking down the tubing of the humidified O2. It’s quite wide and bumpy, so it makes a good pattern!

Day 7 – Tues 7th Jan – Cookie came to see me today and brought me some stuff from home. Including some Screme Eggs. I’ve been craving Creme eggs lately and I’ve no idea why. Must be the weather or something. But she’d brought me two, and before she left, one of them went missing under strange cicumstances, so I was left with only one! Luckily it was found the next morning, in the staff kitchen. I reckon the night staff wanted it and stole it. Cheeky gits.

But until the next one, Hope everyone’s ok!


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