Project 365 – Week 2

So I’ve so far managed to do 2 weeks of Project 365! So here’s 7th – 14th January 2014!


Day 8 – Wednesday 8th Jan – Day before I was due to be discharged, and they finally decided to do something about my low potassium. I know that it had been 2.5 when I was admitted, and they hadn’t started any supplement while I was there, so I’m assuming it was around the same by Thursday. So I had 2L of NaCl and Potassium over about 16hours. It doesn’t half make you wee. But you then end up getting very tangled, specially when you are already on a different infusion. I think they ended up having to detangle me 4 times that night. It’s very typical me.

Day 9 – Thursday 9th January – Discharge day! Nothing like it. Although coming home to a bedroom in such a state that you can’t see your floor is just depressing. I got home and although I went straight to bed, it wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. Because my bloody hamster was missing. She’d managed to escape from her cage while I was in hospital, and we hadn’t been able to find her. We were starting to get seriously worried that we would be finding a body. But with my room the state it was, I wasn’t able to even think about looking for her. So my room was the first plan of action for the next day. It’s not normally this bad, because if it’s that bad I am at risk of falling over a lot more, specially with my hip the way it is. So it’s dangerous more than anything.

Day 10 – Friday 10th January – As you can see, we found our hamster! Cookie and I were sitting chatting in the living room and the TV was off when we heard a strange scratching sound. As you can imagine we were already being a bit cautious because we knew that she was missing. But we did have a roll of carpet rolled up that we don’t use that was propped up on the fireplace behind her cage. She’d crawled down into the middle of the roll and had gathered up food, had used the carpet to make a bedding and had managed to collect some very other odd objects. Such as an AAA battery, neb top, 2p coin, thorntons chocolate (!) and bits of rubber. But she hadn’t had anything to drink in about 5 days, so as soon as we got her back into her cage, she beelined for her bottle. She drank about 150ml in about 15-20mins. We ended up having to take her bottle off her because she was going to end up causing damage to her kidneys. But I’m just pleased that she was OK and we found her. I really was expecting to find her dead.

Day 11 – Saturday 11th January – I spent all of today in bed. I had absolutely no energy and I just couldn’t understand what had happened. There was no reason whatsoever for me to be that tired. But I figured out that evening that my patch that I wear for pain relief had managed to fall off the night previously and I didn’t realise. Because I’m currently on a smaller dose of oral morphine than I normally take in order to make sure I am able to increase it to a dose that will help without causing problems with my breathing if I need to, my body went into opiate withdrawal quite quickly and it really isn’t something that I would wish on anyone. It’s horrid. So as soon as I realised what had happened I put another one on, and took some oramorph. I think it took me about half an hour to start feeling human again, but it really isn’t an enjoyable experience. But Billy came and stayed over that night, which was really good. But because I’ve only got a single bed, he had to sleep on the airbed on the floor bless him. But it was just nice having him to stay over.


Day 12 – Sunday 12th January – Didn’t do an awful lot today.  Cookie was volunteering this morning and then we were going to just chill out for a bit. It was nice to just spend a day relaxing. But I did manage to get my bedroom tidied today, so I can actually see my floor. But when I was tidying, I found my minions! Kate, my friend Carol’s mum, knitted them for me a while ago. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a special place in my heart for minions, and I did let out a small squeal when I got these. They are just so cool. And they have their own hats aswell. The innocent hats need to be used for something!

Day 13 – Monday 13th January – I had a very bad day. I’ve been struggling lately with everything that’s going on at the minute at home, and my frustration just hit an all time high tonight. I am so annoyed that I can’t go home and be there for my family. I love them all so much, and I know that at the minute my little brother is struggling and I’m not allowed to go home. But I’ve been told that right now, there’s so many people fussing around him, that I don’t need to be home. It’s a week or two after James dies that I’m going to be needed more. But I had just finally had enough and ended up punching my wardrobe. I’ve never done anything like it before, but I know that for the next few months, it’s something that’s quite likely to happen again. But I ended up cutting my knuckle and making it bleed. What made it funny though, was there was an empty nebuliser box on top of my wardrobe, that when I thumped it, fell off and hit me in the head. So here’s me trying to be all pissed off and angry, and that happens. It was like something out of a bloody comedy movie!

Day 14 – Tuesday 14th January – One of myself and cookie’s favourite places to eat is near the doctors surgery. We were going to the GP surgery cause Cookie had an appointment, but being up relatively early had its advantages when this coffee house sells the most amazing dutch pancakes. They’re about 14″ wide, and they put fillings like strawberries and cream, ham and cheese, cinnamon and banana and many different fillings in it. You fold it over and heat them up. They’re amazing. And totally worth trekking through all the roadworks and going out early for. Nommmmm! I had a ham and cheese pancake, and a berry crush drink. Yum.

So that’s my week two of Project 365!


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