Project 365 – Week 4

This was a bad week for me, but I’ll explain it a bit more in a separate post. I don’t want to bog down my P365 posts with bad news.

Day22-26 22nd-26thJan


Day 22 – 22nd Jan – Had Billy over tonight, so cooked him, cookie and myself chicken korma. People don’t really believe that I can cook, and that when I do cook it’s not microwavable meals! But I do actually enjoy cooking, but unfortunately a lot of the time I’m not really up to it because it means sitting in the steamy kitchen and standing up for quite a lot of time. I do sit on a stool, but it’s more of a pain to be honest. And I hate the washing up that it entails. Although we have an agreement that if I cook, Cookie does the dishes and clears up. It’s a good way of doing it, I even got her to wash the frying pan with fajita sauce in it the other night!

Day 23 – 23rd Jan – Got my PIP backpay through today! Epic win! I’ve been waiting since May for a decision, and they’ve awarded me higher rate for both components for 3 years. I’m over the moon. It’s a massive weight off my shoulder and should really help things financially for me. I’ve been struggling to keep my head above water lately, but this really helps and I’m chuffed that it’s finally happened.

Day 24 – 24th Jan – Went on a bit of a spending spree when I got my backpay through on amazon. The door didn’t stop knocking all day. Cookie bless her gets up for it because she knows that by the time I get to the door, they’ve generally gone. And that it hurts getting up and down. But I did go slightly nuts. I got Big Bang Theory Cluedo, a new xBox 360, Beats HD Solo by Dr Dre,  a few bits for my camera, DVDs, some art stuff and then a fair amount of other stuff that didn’t come on that order. I bought a new bed aswell, and it’s being delivered on the 5th Feb. I’m finally getting a double bed! I’ve been in my own flat now for over 2 years, and have never had a double bed. I can’t wait!

Day 25 – 25th Jan – Unpacked some boxes today and sorted out my meds shelf. It does look a hell of a lot better now and I have so much more room in my bedroom. Which should make it easier when my double bed comes to fit it in. I’m still trying to try and get everything sorted by the time it comes. I need to move my wardrobe and some furniture around so that I can fit it in comfortably.

Image (4)

Day 26 – 26th Jan – Nothing beats a cup of tea and dohnut! It was the end to the day that was already going great, and it just topped it off. I love Krispy Kreme raspberry glaze donuts. They’re amazeballs! And a cup of tea with 2 sugars in my Homer Simpson mug, with Sherlock on telly. What more could you want?! It’s all good.


Day 27 – 27th Jan – Got my new iPhone 5S today! I was due an upgrade at the end of the month, but we were in the Trafford Center today anyway, so I paid the extra and upgraded it a week early. I wasn’t impressed though. My bank card was one of the ones that went down on the Saturday, the one day I’m in the Trafford Center shopping. Was so unimpressed. I ended up having to use Cookie’s card and pay her the money back, but I hate doing that. We went to Hamleys and got some lego, I got a Mr Bump teddy and cookie got a Hamleys bear, Big Ben 3D puzzle and some lego. I got to spend my gift vouchers that I got for Top Shop and got some art stuff, books and a board game in WH Smiths aswell. It was a good day, and we got to have dinner with Billy and his brother Harry. It was a great day, but I was completely exhausted by the end of it and literally just fell into my bed.

Day 28 – 28th Jan – This was all the lego that I’ve bought in the past week. I love lego, especially technics. When I’m struggling with my mental health, chest, hip or all three, Lego is fantastic at keeping me distracted and I can generally see the outcome of it pretty quick. I bought a propeller plane that you can put a motor into and make it move. I’m really looking forward to building it! Between Cookie and I, we have enough lego to build Wythenshawe’s own LegoLand. I got her a lego train as an early birthday present. She’d wanted one for absolutely ages and would never let herself get one, so I decided I’d get her it. She’s struggling at the minute with her mental health, so giving it to her now gives her something to do when she’s not great. And she can build it in bits so that it’s not all built at once and will last a while.

Day 29 – 29th Jan – Had a fantastic, but tiring day. Had my diabetic review on Thursday morning. As usual all my bloods were excellent and the practice nurse was pleased with how that was doing. But she was worried about my overall state of mind. If you read on in the next post, you’ll see why. But I came out of that appointment smiling after my coat zip split and she ended up helping me pull it out and then ended up zipping my coat up for me. I’m very lucky that my practice nurse is fantastic. I get on really well with her, even if she does have a habit of admitting me to hospital when I see her. But oh well. I was lucky this time! Then on Thursday evening, my friend Dorri had managed to get us tickets to see Superstar Dogs being filmed for Channel 4. John Barrowman was presenting it, so it was great to be able to see him. I also got to have a chat with him which was funny. I told him he needed to get cruise control in his car because he kept getting speeding tickets. Apparently it means something else in the gay world! 😛 But it was a VERY long day. We had been told to get there for 4pm, so we got there, and were told to come back at 6pm. So we tootled off to Costa and had some food and a drink and then went back. So we had our wristbands on and got told to queue up. We’d been told because I was on crutches that this wouldn’t happen, and I wasn’t very impressed. Until about 7.30, we were queuing up to get into the studio but when they moved us into a holding area just outside the studio, we were lucky that we actually got seats to sit in while we waited. When we went into the studio, the first thing I noticed was it was absolutely freezing. I was quite lucky that I did have a t-shirt and shirt on so I wasn’t horrendously cold at first, but as the evening wore on, I was foundered as my nanny would say. Most people think these things are just recorded in one take and that is that. Considering this show was on for an hour, we were in that studio for 3 and a half hours in the end. Clapping and cheering on command. Unfortunately my chest started to protest to my tiredness, and I was really starting to struggle by the end of the night. Luckily I managed to get home and have quite a few nebs and bolused my pred to see if it would keep me going, and thankfully it did. It was great fun to watch though, and I’m looking forward to seeing it aired, although they’ve not decided when that will be yet. But it was enjoyable none the less and Cookie and Dorri did aswell.

Day 30-31st Jan

Day 30- 30th Jan – I finally got TiVo in my bedroom! I had said from when we first got virgin in our flat that I wanted to get a box in my bedroom. It’s good because at the minute my hip is quite bad, and the most comfortable position I can be in is lying down, and sitting up in the living room watching TV hurts a lot and my hip keeps popping out. So Cookie comes in here and we can watch whatever it is in the bedroom and I’m more comfortable and she just sits on my bed with me. It does cost a fair bit extra a month, but to be honest, it’s worth it. I was getting bored of reruns of Simpsons and Family guy on my external hard drive!

Day 31 – 31st Jan – Made fajitas for dinner tonight. Was really nice actually. We used a different sauce than normal and it gave it a bit more taste. And Cookie did the washing. Result!

So I’ve actually managed to complete a month of P365, which is good going for the girl who failed miserably at 12 of 12! Hopefully I’ll manage another 11!


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