Project 365 Week 5

So with everything that happened in January with James dying, I was very happy to welcome February in! So here’s week 5 of my Project 365.

photo (4)


Day 32 – 1st February 2014 – Was up at the hospital today and spotted this. Just why?! Apparently it’s to promote recycling inhalers. If it was a giant inhaler that you could put empty ones in, I’d get it. But it’s a 10ft solid inhaler! Does the NHS not have better things to be spending money on? Like Xolair?! Madness.

Day 33 – 2nd Feb – Finally got these two pictures up on my wall. I’ve been in this flat now since August and it’s taken me to now to start getting my room into some kind of livable order! So I’ve started by getting some DVD racks up, my pictures up, and just today, my new double bed put in!

Day 34 – 3rd Feb – Had an absolutely rubbish day. Spent it in bed, nebbing, watching TV. I can’t actually remember a lot of that day, except that it was spent in bed. I can’t even remember getting up to eat. And that’s unheard of. I hate feeling crap, because it means I can’t hang out with Cookie, I can’t hang out with Billy and my day is just blown off.

Day 35 – 4th Feb – I’ve not got a lot to say about today. I spent it in bed like the last one. Cookie brought me a McDonalds home from volunteering, and I’d not had a McDonalds for a while. So here’s my picture of the day!

photo (5)Day 36 – 5th February – Unfortunately the past few days were never going to end well. Today ended in A&E. Billy bless him has never been in A&E with me, and he was so sweet! He even sang me Soft Kitty from Big Bang! Bless him his stammer got really bad when he was there, but he didn’t leave until I got to the ward at 2am! He’s a keeper 😉

Day 37 – 6th Feb – Because the hospital was pretty much full, I ended up on the Acute Medical Ward from A&E. I hate A10. They get over worried about silly things. Anyone who knows nursing by numbers will understand. It’s a nasty invention.  So getting onto my resp ward and being able to properly sleep was legend.

Day 38 – 7th Feb –  Anyone who has had cannulas will probably recognise this image. A cannula that’s fallen out and the aftermath. I did warn them the dressing was shagged, so the fact that they didn’t listen to me isn’t exactly my fault! Luckily I still had another cannula in the other hand so I was able to use that instead of having to indure the wrath of the junior doctors cannulating skills.

Anyway, I will try and update the last week again before I go to Ireland on Sunday. But I’ve still not sorted anything and I’ve no washing done or anything, so I’m not sure I’ll manage. But otherwise, see ya all on the 6th March!



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