Project 365 – Week 7

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Day 47 – 15th Feb – I was very naughty. I’ve wanted a mac for as long as I can remember, and specially since I knew James. Because he worked with Macs, he always had one and I always thought they were fantastic. So I decided with the amount of time I spend in hospital and travelling, and the fact that I got a massive amount of back pay, I was finally able to warrant buying one. I used a pic I’ve nicked off the internet. I had taken a picture of the box that my MacBook Air came in, but it’s really not a fantastic picture so I stole this one! It’s a 13″ MacBook air, which in comparison to my big 17″ Samsung is tiny! It’s very thin and light, which is why it’s so ideal for travelling and taking into hospital. One of the things about these laptops is that they generally have very little hard drive space, and don’t have a DVD Drive installed either, which is part of the reason why they’re able to be so thin and light. Because my old external hard drive was not compatible with Macs I had to order a new external hard drive that I could use with it. I’m going to Ireland in the morning, so I’ve got to pack for 2 weeks in Ireland, install a new laptop and transfer my stuff from one hard drive to another. It was a very busy day. I had to make a few trips out aswell to appointments, the chemist and tesco. So I was definitely ready for my bed that night!

Day 48 – 16th Feb – Off to Ireland today! I’ve not been home now properly for about 4 months since I took TJ home in November. I was going home partly to grieve for my stepdad and partly to see the family. I knew going home was going to be hard and I knew I was going to be going to his Months Mind mass. A months mind is basically a normal mass that’s said, but with a dedication and prayer for the deceased. It’s a bit like a memorial. I knew I’d be going to the one in Monaghan that was being held and organised by my mum, but wasn’t expecting to be going to one in Fermanagh aswell. Unfortunately, things weren’t on the best terms with his family since he died, which is really unfortunate. They had all, bar one of the brothers, been exceptionally nasty to mum. I might go into it at some point, but I don’t think that now is really the right time. But it made me angry. When someone dies, the family is meant to come together to comfort each other, and be there for each other. But this wasn’t the case, and I think that’s partly why I was so angry. But it’s all over now and mum won’t have to deal with them again.

Day 49 – 17th Feb – Anyone who has been to Ireland MUST try Club Orange. It’s a fizzy orange that you can’t actually get in England, and it really is one of my favourite drinks. It’s quite a sweet fizzy orange with bits in it, like the pure orange. Anytime I go home I drink gallons of the stuff (blood sugar allowing! ;)) and end up always trying to bring some back for Cookie. Obviously with the cabin baggage restrictions, it’s not the easiest of things to get back, and being heavy, you can’t stick a shedload in your case and check it in! But I ended up drinking too much of it while I was home, and ended up a bit poorly. I then decided that it was probably best to stick to sugar-free cordial for a bit! Doesn’t mean it’s going to put me of the next time I’m home though!

Day 50! 18th Feb – So I’ve actually managed to do 50days of Project 365 so far! I must say I’m pretty proud of myself that I’ve managed this far! Anyway, meet my doggy! This is Dolly, named after Dolly Parton. My mum and James had been to see Dolly Parton a few days before she showed up at our back door, and they’d bought a calendar while at the show and while we were sitting trying to decide what to call her, I looked at the calendar and piped up with Dolly! She’s a Jack Russell terrier, and we think she’s about 7 or 8 years old. We’ve had her now for about 5 years, and she really is part of the family. When you have a dog that you love as much as we love Dolly, you let them away with murder, and as you can see, she does! I came in to go to bed after brushing my teeth and found her in my spot on the bed! She’s a right charmer! But I promptly shifted her to the other side of the bed and climbed in. She is better than any anti-depressant available. She knows when I’m unwell and is able to tell when I’m having a rubbish day. A few years ago when I was living at home, she used to sleep at the foot of my bed, and if I started to wheeze would come and wake me up. While I was home I was having problems with my sugars, and one morning had a pretty good hypo. (1.7 for those interested!) She somehow knew something was up and started licking my face and nudging me until I woke up and got some sugar in me, then sat watching me for the rest of the day. She’s the best dog I could ask for!

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Day 51 – 19th Feb – Although this isn’t technically a picture, it still happened on the day and makes me smile! I sat Leaving Certificate English, and got an A grade in it, so I’m a mega grammar pedant. So when people make grammar errors I’m forever pulling them up on it. I actually have a friend that takes pictures of all the mistakes he finds in places that should know better and posts them on his website! But I was reading an article on the BBC News app this morning and noticed this classic. “It is the first time the catch-up service has past the 300m viewers mark.” Who wants to find the mistake there then? But considering it’s coming from the BBC, who are meant to have some of the best journalists in the world, it did make me giggle that I could find that error on a first read and I’m nowhere near as qualified as them! (And funnily enough while I was spellchecking this, it came up with me to change it to passed!)

Day 52 – 20th Feb – This was the view from the front garden of my house. We live quite close to the edge of the town, and right beside the Garda station, which has proved to be both a blessing and a curse in the past! Back when James was hassling mum a lot and she had to take out a restraining order against him, it made it a lot easier to keep it enforced because I don’t think anyone would dare break a restraining order on the police station’s doorstep! But on the other hand, TJ has quite a lot of nightmares and one night had quite a graphic one involving James hurting mum that woke him up. For some reason that night mum had gone to sleep in the spare room and TJ didn’t know this, so when he got up to go into her after her nightmare and she wasn’t there, TJ panicked. Because he was half asleep it didn’t occur to him to check the spare room, and he immediately thought something had happened to mum. His first instinct was to get the police and started walking in his pyjamas and bare feet to the police station at about 2am. Something had made mum wake up, and to this day doesn’t know what it was. She says mothers instinct. But she went to check on TJ and found him not in his bed, but the front door was open. He was halfway up the road to the Garda station to tell them that mum had gone. Bless him.

Day 53 – 21st Feb – The last of the good weather was yesterday, and today it was back to normality with rain! But we were in the shopping center car park driving round while we were looking for a decent spot, I spotted this. I had to take it through the car windscreen, which at the time was covered in rain, so it’s not the best picture in the world! But can you spot what it is? Some adventurous person has obviously been kayaking and has it strapped to the top of their car. It made me giggle because a few years ago there was major flooding in Monaghan, and there was a picture of one of the managers of the Leisure center kayaking across one of the busiest junctions in Monaghan in about 6 foot of water. It really was a sight to behold, and seeing the kayak in the rain just reminded me of that!


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