Project 365 – Week 8

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Day 54 – 22nd Feb – Today was James’s months mind mass in Fermanagh. I was really apprehensive about going because of the way things had been with his family. Ted, James’s dad had basically told mum it was her fault that James had died and that he would’ve been better off without her. So the atmosphere was going to be strained. Mum’s sister, Roisin was coming with us. At first I was really confused because mum and Roisin had basically not been on speaking terms for about 15 years and the fact that they were now speaking was something of a miracle. Mum says it’s because Roisin had finally understood what it was like for things to go wrong in someone’s life and she had seen the way mum had been treated and decided to be nice. But the mass wasn’t horrendous. It was quite awkward at the end though when his sisters came up to us and started to talk to us. Nobody had known I was home so I was getting all the questions about my hip and the “God love you” expressions. That bugs me. But the mass was nice enough and once things were over, we talked to them for about 15/20mins and then went home. I think it would quite possibly have been the last time we will ever speak to them again. It’s a 15 year chapter of my life closed. Or at least I hope so.

Day 55 – 23rd Feb – I didn’t actually do a lot today. I got a new sketchbook in January so I’ve been working on getting some more drawings into it and building it up to the amount of the one from last year. I like doing it by year because then I can see how I’m progressing with my drawing. I’m never going to be Pablo Picasso, or Claude Monet, but I’m still able to draw more than a stick person, which if you had of seen my drawings 6 years ago, you wouldn’t have thought it possible. But mum had been knitting an Eeyore teddy for her neighbours and it put it into my head to try and draw something from Winnie the Pooh. So I tried Piglett and Eeyore! It’s something to work on! TJ wants me to do a drawing for his wall, so I need to come up with an idea for that. But we’ll see how it goes. I’ve a few things in mind!

Day 56 – 24th Feb – For the first time in about 2 years I had to buy ketosticks. For those not in the know of what they are, ketosticks are test strips for checking to see if there’s ketones in your urine. It can be a sign that your diabetes is out of control and you need further intevention. I was getting a fruity breath and feeling rather rubbish so thought it would be worth checking, especially considering how much Club Orange I’d been drinking! It showed traces of ketones, which was quite odd because I’ve not had that problem since Nov 2012. I managed to get it under control by drinking a lot of water and taking better control of my diet. Thankfully it did resolve and I didn’t have to take any more action. But it was a bit of a wake up call that I needed to not drink as many fizzy or sugary drinks. Since then I have actually been a lot better at controlling my diet. I’ve got to see an Endocrinology consultant when I get back, so we will see what he says!

Day 57 – 25th Feb – We managed to have an early pancake Tuesday. I got confused when Cookie posted a facebook status saying she was going to her nanna’s for pancakes. I thought that meant it was Pancake Tuesday and so mum made an absolute shed load of pancakes with some of thee most amazing toppings I’ve ever heard of. We had raspberries, bananas, ham, cheese, strawberries and cream, all different sauces and other stuff. Even if it was an early pancake tuesday, it was amazeballs. When I was in secondary school on Pancake Tuesday you’d get lemon juice, sugar and nutella as toppings, and even then you had to pay for each one!  TJ loved them aswell and it was great fun watching mum flipping them and trying to catch them. Mum’s fantastic. She worked really hard to make sure that we were happy while I was home and I actually enjoyed spending time with them tonight!

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Day 58 – 26th Feb – Mum bought me a tub of ice cream today. Cookies and Cream ice cream is amazing. It’s not quite as nice as Ben And Jerry’s, but it’s still up there among the greats. I’m just having a really rubbish few days. My joints are aching and I feel quite rubbish. And for some reason ice cream always makes me feel better. I think I need to just hide under my duvet for a few days, but I know that I can’t. I think Cookie Dough Ice Cream is still the best ice cream known to man though.

Day 59 – 27th Feb – We went to get Dolly a new collar today because the one she had was falling to pieces. When we were at the pet shop we had a look around at the other stuff they had. Although having a cage saying “Hampsters May Bite” with no hamster in it, with horrendous spelling on the notice! Considering it’s a pet shop, you’d think they were going to be able to spell it right! But while we were there we got her a new bed and some treats. She has never been properly treated before cause it’s never been a case that any of us could afford it, but cause I could I decided I would. So she got a new Toy Story bed that she can’t destroy by clawing it, a nice purple collar and treats. It was funny because Dolly isn’t really a treats kind of dog. She doesn’t really know what to do with toys. I got her one of those shoe things and she took it into the back garden and buried it. So I got the other one and put treats in it. It was funny watching her trying to get them out. She could see and smell the treats inside, but couldn’t get to them. It sent her mad. I will teach my dog what to do with treats! I will!

Day 60 – 28th Feb – Went into town with mum today. TJ’s going out tonight with friends to youth club, so mum and I are planning a DVD night. Think I want to watch Gravity. That new one with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney that everyone has been raving about. Everyone I’ve spoken to says it was brilliant so I want to decide that one for myself.

Every year in Ireland the registration plates change. So for 2014, it becomes 14 – MN – XXXX. Because I haven’t been home since before Christmas I hadn’t seen any of the new plates. For some reason they’re doing it in halves where the first half of the year has 141 and the second has 142. They did it in 2013 and apparently it was because of people being superstitious about the whole 13 thing on license plates. But when I was younger I used to think I was amazing because I could recognise all the different counties on the number plates. Every county has an abbreviation, so Monaghan was MN, Dublin was D and so on. So it’s always been something that makes me smile when I see the new plates!

So until next time!


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