The one.

I’ve not been able to catch up on my P365 lately, I’ve had a rough few weeks. I will catch up with it, but there’s quite a lot to talk about in the meantime.

At the minute I’m in Grantham. Myself and Cookie came to see Kira for a few days. We hadn’t seen her since she was in hospital after her hip replacement, and i’d not seen her at home in months so we decided the time was right to go say hi. That and I wanted to borrow her wheelchair for the Harry Potter tour. I’m finding walking any distance difficult at the minute, and I want to be able to enjoy the weekend we have planned.

We got the train from Manchester on Friday and we were planning on staying till the Sunday/Monday depending. Unfortunately as these things go, it didn’t all go according to plan in any sense of the word and in true Vicky fashion, my lungs decided they didn’t like the fact that I was getting on with my life and threw rather an impressive strop. I had said to Kira on the Saturday that I wasn’t feeling quite right, and that if things didn’t improve I was going to put my pred up. Kira being a sensible dr and all that was quite supportive and gave me a few options.

I spent Saturday night nebbing, and whacked my pred up to 60mg in the hope that it would help but it really wasn’t, and I was starting to get quite worried as to what was going to happen. Obviously I’m not at home and am not at my normal hospital where nobody knows me. We called an ambulance and a L.I.V.E.S First Responder showed up after about 20mins. I don’t think Kira was overly impressed when she came in and asked “So have you used your inhaler?” When I was sitting on my nebuliser pretty much struggling to breathe. Because of where Kira lives, it takes slightly longer to get a proper ambulance so she had called one and was sitting pretty much looking at me. I did find it amusing when she had to ring the ambo control and ask them where the ambulance was because “I’m getting quite worried about my patient” but was sitting looking at me doing v little. Luckily when the ambulance came they were really good and got me out to the ambulance, and with all dues to the paramedic he got a cannula in me, gave me some steroids and adrenaline and blue lighted me to A&E. I don’t think i’ve ever seen things move quite so quickly in A&E in my life. As soon as I was in A&E they had me on a monitor, neb and gas done and within 2 hours I was in CCU. Because Grantham is a local hospital they don’t have the capabilities to do anything near what they needed to for a severe asthmatic and because my gases were a bit mad, they had to transfer me from Critical Care in Grantham to ICU in Lincoln. I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared. They were talking about tubing me and wanted to ring my mum and had me nil by mouth and the consent forms signed. I’ve never come so close to loosing my head before, and i think if it hadn’t have been for Cookie and Kira coming down, I probably would’ve lost it.

Once I got to ICU in Lincoln they had me hooked up and my Art Line that I had put in in Grantham re connected to their equipment and had some meds. Unfortunately they couldn’t give me aminophylline which is the medication I normally have because I was in SupraVentricular Tachycardia which is a very fast heart rythym and Amino can make your heart run quickly so it was deemed too dangerous to give me anything that could increase my heartrate, so I was given Magnesium Sulfate and mega doses of steroids. Bloody things. But I really was feeling quite shit and just wanted to sleep, but couldn’t get my chest to calm down enough to let me. it was horrible. I’ve never been in the situation before where I’ve not been able to get better as quick as I needed and the fact I was struggling for as long as i was scared the shit out of me because I didn’t know if it was going to get better.

Luckily the next day they were able to give me some aminophylline, and on top of the regular steroids and Magnesium i’d been having it started to help and I was able to start to feel better. So I was on ICU for 2 days and then got to the Resp ward. I think I take for granted the fact that I’m under the care of one of the best respiratory centers in the UK and have a fantastic ward that do take care of me fantastically. While i can’t fault the care of the staff on ICU, the staff on the ward didn’t leave me as impressed. When i told them i was feeling poorly the next day, it took them over 3 hours for them to get some help to me and I was really starting to get worried. Luckily then they got a gas and realised I was getting tired and got some meds on board again. This was a scenario I was to face several times over the course of the admission, and i really don’t feel like i was given the best care that i could’ve. I understand that nurses are extremely busy, but when you’ve got a patient who has just come off ICU and has the history that I do, you would expect that people would listen to you when you say you don’t feel well.

I got out yesterday morning, and have come back to Kira’s for a few days R&R before I go back to Manchester. But I have a lot of unanswered questions about this admission, and a lot of things I want to speak to my consultant about. Because I’m scared. And I don’t like being scared.


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