Well finally, after what seems like an eternity of shite posts, I finally have some good news to talk about. Late last year, I put my application into UCAS to study Health Science. I applied to 5 different universities, and they all rejected me. To have five uni’s just reject you straight off, without an interview or a chance, was heart breaking. It made me feel like going back to the Louis and flogging myself to get through the Leaving Cert was completely pointless and I was gutted.

But when I was in Kira’s after my admission to ICU in Lincoln, I really was in a very low place. I felt like complete shit mentally and physically and honestly felt like there was no point in even getting out of bed anymore. But I had a failsafe. I’d applied to UCAS Extra. To anyone who doesn’t know, UCAS Extra is a system you can use if you’ve been rejected or declined all your choices. You get to choose another choice and hope to God that the uni’s like you enough to take pity on you and except it. But I got an offer. And it was the most amazing feeling. Just when things seem completely low and you really just want to hide under your duvet for the rest of eternity, to have something like that come up is a breath of fresh air. I got offered a place to study Biomedical Science in a university quite near to me. I’m so excited to be even given a chance. I know I’m probably going to have to defer it because of my hip replacement (more on that later), but to even know that the offer is there, and that I can use it when I’m ready is fantastic.

I will beat asthma. I will beat avascular necrosis. Fuck the asthma, I’m going to get my life back.


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