Growing up.

I’m back in Ireland for a week. It was very much hit and miss as to whether I would get over. I ended up in hospital in SVT 3 days before I was due to fly, and only got out on Wednesday, which was the day I was due to fly. Luckily I was able to rebook it, and flew on Friday instead.

I flew over primarily for my little brother’s confirmation. The confirmation is one of the seven sacraments and it’s meant to be you as a person accepting the responsibilities your parents swore to undertake at your baptism. Being raised as a catholic, do good by the church and believe in your faith etc, so it’s signifying you growing up. You make your confirmation around the age of 12 in your last year of primary school when you are preparing to go into secondary school. I made mine exactly 10 years to the day before TJ, and it was a major sense of dejå vue. When I made mine, everything in our family was right. James’s drinking wasn’t a huge problem, there was a big party with a bouncy castle, big buffet, friends and the whole family, including James’ family, mum’s and dad came. This time it was Mum, TJ and me at KFC. I’m sure if he had wanted a big thing, mum would’ve made it happen, but it just shows you how things have changed in 10 years.

My little brother is growing into a good looking, smart young lad. He’s been through hell in the past year but he’s so resilient and I admire so much about him. He makes me smile on a daily basis, and serves as a reminder to me as to why I fight to stay well. He’s such a good kid, and would do anything for anyone. He is sensitive, caring and kind, and his idea of enjoying himself is sitting watching a DVD with his family, not going out drinking like so many kids. You ask him what he wants to do with his life, and he will tell you he wants to look after his family.

I’m so proud of the lad my little brother is becoming, and I hope that over the next ten years he continues to bloom into the best man he could be.


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