The past week has taught me how lucky I am to have such awesome friends. I already knew that they were amazing, but until you’re put in a stressful situation that they deal with on a regular basis, you don’t quite get it.

Last Monday the sun was shining so Cookie and myself sat out in the garden. Cookie had mentioned she was getting really dizzy doing minimal exertion but we put it down to dehydration and she drank plenty of fluids. When it got to about 5pm and her heartrate hadn’t come down from 150, we started worrying. Especially when she started getting short of breath walking 5m. We rang Out Of Hours and they told us to go to A&E, so off we toddled. I was half expecting them to put cookie straight into resus but she was adamant they wouldn’t. Needless to say when they saw her HR, they decided she needed to be on monitoring and put her straight in there. Although she wasn’t acutely unwell, it was still scary, specially when they decided to admit her to the respiratory ward I usually go on. It was terrifying watching my best friend be hooked up to everything and see her scared and not be able to help. Was even worse the first night she was in. I kept having flashbacks to when she took the huge overdose and I got a call saying she was in ICU. I had to stop myself ringing the ward every hour to check on her. It definitely gave me a much bigger insight into what she goes through when I’m unwell. And the difference was we knew that her heartrate would settle after a while, it wasn’t an acute situation so to speak, whereas when I’m in with my asthma there’s always that possibility that I will become extremely poorly. Yes we needed to slow cookies heart down, but after 1L of fluids and an hour it was down enough to stop worrying people. And I was still worried. I honestly don’t know how she copes with it when I’m poorly and I don’t let her go to A&E. I’ve told her from now on the ball is in her court as to whether she is up to going with me. I said that I would always like her to go with me, I hate being on my own, but it’s whether she thinks she can handle it. Will be interesting to see how she handles the next attack. 

My friends have stuck by me through so much and I really do consider myself extremely lucky. Not having family nearby has made me rely on them all the more, and they have never let me down. 


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