Finally made my mark.

Sorry for the lack of blogs, it’s been a busy few months.

Will go through August first. Both myself and Cookie struggled quite a bit in August with our chests and life in general. I was meant to be going home for a week in August, and Cookie was meant to be going with me. I was looking forward to it so much. I’ve not been home since March, and it was looking like I wouldn’t be home again until after Christmas. But unfortunately that all went to pot and both myself and Cookie ended up admitted at the same time with our chests. It was a total pain in the arse, specially when they wouldn’t let us be on the same ward. Bloody hospital politics. It was funny though watching Cookie traipse onto my ward with her drip stand in her slippers. But it did mean we had to cancel our trip and it left us both feeling like crap. I miss home a lot at the minute, and the longer I leave it before going home, the worse it gets. I don’t get homesick very often so when I do, it’s generally a good plan to act on it. I just need a hug from my mum and a goujon roll from Mallons and I’ll be sorted! Cookie was meant to be starting college, but they didn’t tell her when she was interviewed that the course she was applying for was under consideration to be pulled due to funding, and they were actually recommending her for a different course, which had no places. They screwed her over in a massive way. I’m still pissed with them. It takes a lot for people with depression to get themselves into a mind-frame to believe that they can handle college, and with Cookie it took a very long time for her to get to that point, so when they pulled it, it really left her feeling let down and as if she wasn’t good enough. It’s total bollocks and I’m planning on putting a complaint in about it.

So my big news is that I finally started uni! I had my first proper lectures yesterday. It was crazy being back in a learning environment after so long. I’ve been out of school since 2011 and haven’t really done much since then cause of my health. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it. It’s great being able to finally have something to sink my teeth into and get out of bed for in the morning. I’m really enjoying my lectures so far, even if I do struggle to keep up in them. I think it’s just going to take time to get into the swing of things. I met my tutor yesterday to go through my support plan, and had a chat with my disability advisor to change a few things and make her aware of some other things that have changed with my health. One of those being the introduction of my emergency hydrocortisone injection kit. It’s all very scary having to train the first aiders in uni how to administer it. It’s fantastic though that I’m finally able to get to uni. I’ve waited so long for this, and have a massive point to prove to people that I am able to deal with the stresses and madness that goes along with being a full time student. Bring it on!

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