Christmas is one of those times of year that people either love or hate. I’m not sure where I stand on it.

For me, Christmas is always more magical when you’ve got kids around. My little brother is 10 years younger than me, so until about 5 years ago, there was always Santa in our house. And that was brilliant. His face on Christmas morning was worth getting out of bed for on it’s own. Never mind the presents.

But I struggle with Christmas as well. Christmas always involved alcohol. And alcohol was always going to be a problem in our house. James would always get drunk on Christmas day, generally on whiskey. Then it was down to see his family in Fermanagh on boxing day. Cue more whiskey. And whiskey wasn’t something that brought out the best in James. Most of his worst and most violent outbursts involved whiskey. I suppose it’s one of the reasons I don’t like whiskey.  But it always brings the memories of that back. I’m getting a lot better at seeing the better things of it. but it’s still tough. I’ll touch on the whole memories thing in another post.

But living away from home makes you appreciate the real values behind Christmas. This will be my first christmas spent away from home. Be it with mum or dad. I’ve spent Christmas in Tenerife before, but that was with dad. This will be the first year that I’m not with family on Christmas day. It’s a bit weird, but it does reaffirm that Christmas is about the family and friends around you. Cookie’s family have invited me to Christmas dinner and I think I’m looking forward to the dinner more than the day itself! I’m very much looking forward to going home though. I’m going over on the 28th and am there until the 5th. It’s going to be a working holiday though. My exams start on the 11th. The idea of that is scary enough!

Uni is going OK. I’ve not been in much lately because of one thing and another. But I am attempting to catch up while I’m in hospital. I think everyone is a bit shocked to see me actually working. I’ve just had so much going on lately between things with family and friends coming to see me, going to see them and just generally nuttiness. But I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy doing it. Friends are the family you choose, it’s important to take care of them.

Happy Christmas everyone, and have a happy and healthy new year. x


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