12 of 12 – December

This 12 of 12 was spent half in hospital and half home. I got discharged on the 12th, but I’ll blog about that later. So for now, my 12 of 12 🙂

ImageJust after midnight, Doug’s cannula fell out. He made a bit of a mess and we had to have the bedsheets changed. Naughty Doug.

ImageAfter all the shenanigans of the night before, I slept through breakfast. So breakfast consisted of Jammie Dodgers and meds 😛

ImageThis could get confusing… Cookie has Bricanyl nebs that look practically identical and ventolin sends her heartrate through the roof. Not only that but her saline nebs and my atrovent nebs are made by the same people and look exactly the same when they’re not in the packaging. We’re going to have to be a bit more careful for a while…

ImageOpened no 12 on my advent calendar this morning! I’ve been very good and exercised great self restraint in not eating all the chocolate in one go!

ImageI got stupidly excited by a new style of Epi-Pen. It’s quite sad really. But when you carry these kind of things around constantly it’s amazing what pleases you…

ImageI got let loose on the whiteboard in cookie’s room… This picture got posted to facebook and her mum tagged as “BOOBS!”. I am 21, honest!!


Got a new case for my iPad. I must say it is really quite cool. And it can turn itself into a stand which is even cooler. The drop-proof case was good, but I kept getting dirt under the screen cover which was really starting to bug me, so I gave up and bought a new one.

ImageI needed a bag that I could take out with me that I could fit my iPad, neb and other stuff that humans carry around with them that wasn’t a giant rucksack or tiny handbag. I’m going through a Muppets phase at the minute and Animal has always been my favourite Muppet. This bag was definitely necessary.

ImageUnderneath all that crap somewhere, is Oilatum shower gel that cookie needs. Now the question is, do I have the energy/motivation/arsepower to actually go through the boxes to try and find it, or just try and find an alternative? I think alternative.


It’s nearly Christmas. The mince pies have come out and are completely necessary!


I had realised when I got in from hospital earlier in the day that I didn’t know where my passport was. I spent about 3 hours going round in circles trying to find the damned thing and in the end decided that I was going to give up and try again later. Found it underneath Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in the end. Thank feck. That could’ve thrown a major spanner in the works considering I’m going to Ireland on Monday and Tenerife in January..


This is why when I’m good, I’m great 😀 Just been discharged from hospital and I’m getting a peak flow of 580. All is well in the world 😀


But feeling this well comes at a price. Nebs, painkillers, tablets, inhalers and then the physio I do for the dodgy joints. Takes me about an hour every night and morning to be in a fit state to get out the door. Image

My mum has me addicted to Draw Something on my iPad. I must say getting Lungs and then Crutches ten minutes later did amuse me..,


But the highlight of my day, was definitely climbing into my own bed, with my own duvet and pillows. Value the little things, because you’ll never know when you won’t have them anymore.


A (late) 12 of 12

Well, there is an honest reason this time. I started out my day with all the best intentions taking my pictures as I went, then I went to the GP and it all went downhill from there and I came out of the surgery in an ambulance. So any pics from after then were taken mid asthma attack and later that evening when I felt a bit better and was on the ward.

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12 of 12 will not be forgotten!


12 of 12 – Sept ’11

Didn't sleep at all on Sunday night. Paid for it yesterday!

Managed to pour water into the milk instead of the glass...

It's Shaun the Sheep - Loughborough style

The numbers of the paints I need for my model Apollo 11. Models are bad for my bank account

Took Bobby for lunch in Fenwicks. The chicken and ham Pie was so amazing I didn't get a pic before I wolfed it.

My uncle wears a nutty bow tie everytime I see him. I burst out laughing when I saw these and thought of him

£2.35 for that! I nearly had an heart attack on the spot!

This is all I remember of the bus ride home. I fell asleep.

This is what I spent the guts of about 100quid on lol. Bad Vicky

The start of my model Apollo 11!

I don't even know how I was still awake by this point.

And it's bedtime!

And that concludes my 12 of 12 for September!

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A very late 12 of 12

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9am and I’m up and about. the joys of study leave.

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I’m one of these people who need to listen to music when studying. My iPod had died. FML

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Breakfast = Sugar

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And onto the maths revision!

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My new baby cousin Cain. Went over to see him for a break.

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Lunch = Cuppa Soup and Bread. Amazing study food.

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What crutches do to you. I was going over to nannys and got that.

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Have moved my studying to the bedroom. Mum’s bugging me.

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William’s Ill. He needed a neb.

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Bedtime meds.

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My Midnight visitor!

Sorry it’s so late. The leaving cert and hospital etc got in the way. That and me going €40 over on the dongle.

12 of 12, Originated by Chad Darnell