R.I.P Freddie

Yesterday evening I had to have my beloved hamster put to sleep. I’ve only had him about 6 weeks so he was still very much my baby and I loved him to bits. We noticed on Monday that he was squeaking when we handled him, but we thought that was just because he was scared and thought nothing more of it. Last night however, Cookie noticed that he was struggling to move and that his wee was red and he couldn’t get up his tubes in the cage without his back legs giving way, so we took him to the OOH vets who basically said he had a large abdominal mass and it would be kinder to put him to sleep. I’m absolutely devastated because he was the most awesome hamster ever. The amount of times he put a smile on my face on a bad day is uncountable and he was a beautiful colour aswell. I miss him already 😦

R.I.P Freddie, Miss you little dude.

R.I.P Freddie.