40 Questions

Well seeing as I didn’t bother my arse doing a 12 of 12 for this month, I thought I’d do a 40 questions thing, cause I don’t remember doing one on this blog.

What’s your favorite name for a girl? – Don’t really think I have one. I like Irish names like Dearbhla.

What’s your favorite name for a boy?  – Same I think. Irish names are nice for boys. My little brother is called TJ, but he’s Terence James, or Tiarnach Seamus in Irish

Do you like coke or pepsi? – Coke

Have you read Twilight? – Yea, I actually enjoyed it and the rest of the series. It’s one of those books people either love or hate.

What does your car smell like? – I don’t have a car. I don’t drive.

Have you ever eaten a marshmallow burnt? – Yup, we roasted them on the fire at Christmas!

Do you have a gerbil? – Nope, I did have a hamster but we had to have him put down 😦

Are you afraid of airplanes? – Nope! I love them. I’m the weirdo sitting going “Wheeeeeeeeeeee!” when there’s turbulence!

What gives you goosebumps? – Nails on a blackboard noise and when sellotape is being pulled off the roll

Whose your favorite character on TV? – House!

Why did you take this survey? – Cause I’m bored shitless and most people have done one except me!

Do you like ice cream? – It depends on my mood haha.

Have you been to an arcade before? – Yep

What is your favorite song? – Don’t think I have one. At the minute I really like Oh My Goodness by Olly Murs, 6 Degrees of Seperation by The Script or Carry On by Fun.

What is your least favorite movie? – Oh god, not sure really. I didn’t like the Dr Seuss films much.

When do you think the world will end? – When someone decides men can bear children…

Do you think cheesy jokes are funny? – It depends. Sometimes I’ll cringe, but most of the time I’ll smile at them

Do you like texting or calling? – texting but if its important then I’ll call. But texting cause most of the time it’s free

Have you ever online dated? – I signed up to one once for a laugh to see if I got any interest.

Whose the last person you hugged? – Cookie, or my teddy lol.

Do you believe Wikipedia is always right? – Not always! Back in the younger days I used to spend hours vandalising and getting banned from Wikipedia

Do you like bulldogs? – Don’t really mind them! I’m a big dog person anyway!

Have you ever eaten a corndog? – What’s one of those when it’s at home?

What’s your favorite article of clothing? – My Animal from The Muppets pyjama bottoms.

Do you like classical music? – It depends what kind of mood I’m in. I’ve been known to just lie in bed and listen to classical.

Is your grandma still alive? – Yep. Well, one of them. I have a really good relationship with my nanny. Infact I’m just off the phone to her.

What’s your favorite video on Youtube? – Don’t really use youtube!

Do you have a friend named Buddy? – Nope

Why are people weird? -Because nobody is normal. Or there is no definition of normal.

Do you know what TTFN stands for? – tata for now!

What’s your pets middle name? – She hasn’t really got one. We call our dog Dolly or Dollybird haha.

Have you ever dated 2 people at one time? – nope

Have you ever sniffed someone’s hair secretly? – Not that I know of…

Do you have a T.V in your room? – Yep

How long can you go without electronics? – No more than 4 hours. I need my nebuliser/iPhone

What are your siblings names? – TJ

Are you bored right now? – I am at the minute, but when I finish this and have watched all my episodes of Season 8 of House, I will be!

What do you love to dream about? – No idea!

Are you answering these questions with false answers or true? – True!

Will you tell your friends to do this survey? – Go for it! It’ll give me something to read!