Following on from fellow blogger Emzie, I’m doing  a blogpost of the things you find in my handbag!



1 – My neb. I love my eflow. I don’t leave the house without it. It’s the quietest neb ever and it runs really quick aswell. It’s fab. I also carry a stupid amount of nebs around with me. It’s from a fear of splatting and the ambulance taking forever.
You’ll also see spare AA batteries below it. Because anyone else who has an eflow will know that they eat batteries like I eat chocolate. 

2 – Spare Headphones – I would cry my eyes out if I went out any my headphones died. So I always carry spare headphones and earbuds.

3 – My Panda Purse. Unlike Emz, I can’t afford Cath Kidson, so Claire’s Accessories has to do me!

4 – My iPod Speaker – Just cause everyone should carry such a thing. 

5 – Swiss Army Knife – Very important tool for me. It’s got scissors, toothpick, all sorts on it. And I’m forever finding uses for it both at home and out and about.

6 – Epi-Pen – Because there’s always someone who needs a stab for pissing me off.

7 – iPod and headphones – Like I said, I’d be lost without my headphones. And my iPod stops my phone battery from going to hell.

8 -Puzzle Book – Because I get bored sometimes and can’t be bothered getting my iPad or kindle out.

9 – BM Kit – Because sometimes I do silly things like stay out all day and don’t get around to checking my BM and it can get low/high without me realising, so I am meant to check it twice a day.

10 – Mentos and Maoam sweets – For the above reasons. If my sugars go low, I need something to get my sugars up.

11 – Vaseline – Because no girl should leave the house without this. 

12 – Inhaler – For those “asthmary” moments.

13 – Medic Alert bracelet – I have two, so I keep one in my purse incase I forget to put my other one in the morning.

14 – Hairbrush – Anyone who knows me will know that my bedheads are legendary. And I can get bedheads simply by looking in a mirror. I’m special like that.

15 – iPhone – The center of my universe. It’s got music, facebook, texts, everything on it. I dropped it in the sink last night and it stopped working for a bit. I couldn’t hear anything and my planet nearly collapsed. 

16 – iPad – Like above, iPads are fab. Cookie got me it for my 21st birthday and it’s the most fantastic thing I own. Spending so much time in hospital, it actually stops me from going nuts. Although I am already mad. 

17 – Kindle – I love my kindle. With all my heart. That little purple thing has 600 books on it. It’s the one thing I love almost as much as my phone. I loved mine so much that for my mum’s birthday and for fathers day for dad, I got them both one. Good gift ideas!

So there you go, a little insight into my handbag and my life!