Carry on, Sir.

I really am making an effort to blog more! It just happens the only time I really have the time to sit down and do it is when I’m either in hospital or it’s the middle of the night.  So this time I’m in hospital and have time on my hands.

Part of this admission was scheduled so I could have my port-a-cath inserted at the start of my treatment(5 nights of IV Aminophylline), and then I was more likely to be able to get a bed.



So I came in on Wednesday night with the aim to having my port put in on Thursday morning. We spent all day Wednesday ringing every few hours to see if there was a bed, and by 5pm they had one for me. I was well chuffed because the bed situation has been dire lately, but they got me in, so I can’t complain. Came in, had to wait a while to see a doctor because I came in after all the ward doctors had gone home. But got my amino up and going around midnight and tried to get some sleep. Was first on the list for theatre the next morning because of my latex allergy, so they came to get me about half 9. They farted around in the theatre for ages and by the time they actually got around to doing the procedure, I was a total mess. Even after 4mg of IV medazolam, I was still shaking and terrified. I think next time I’ll tell them I don’t respond very well to medaz. Problem was, that wasn’t the only issue. Around 10mins into the procedure, my heart rate started climbing. And climbing. And climbing some more, finally settling on 190-200. That’s a bit fast given that a normal person’s average resting heart rate is about 70-90. With me my average is about 110. So it was still way too high. They ended up having to give me a medication called adenosine which is known to cause problems with asthmatics, so they had to speak to my consultant and I ended up needing a lot of medication to then control my chest because when the adenosine didn’t work, they had to give me a beta blocker, which also causes problems with the heart. So my chest ended up going to shit a bit. So instead of being away for about an hour and a half, I was in theatres and recovery for about 4 and a half hours. Whoops. We still don’t know what caused the very fast rhythm (SVT) because I’m already on medication for my heart. There’s a suspicion it might have been while they were messing around putting the line in and it may have just tickled a part of my heart and it got a bit over excited. But who knows?

One thing i’m struggling with at the minute is my right hip. I know I’ve talked about how I’ve had both replaced, but my right hip is playing up something shocking. I can’t put weight through it, I can’t turn or twist, can’t lie on my sides or it kills and it’s generally making my life a nightmare. I’m back on crutches, which is a total nightmare for dripstands. I can’t go anywhere without help cause I can’t push a drip stand and crutch it. I used to be able to, but that was when the pain was different. This is a new kind of pain which is what’s scaring me a bit. It doesn’t feel like bone pain, it feels like muscle or nerve pain, which are both treated fairly conservatively. I think the Avascular Necrosis has left me very paranoid. I had an x-ray yesterday and they’re going to get ortho to come and see me and see if they have any idea what’s going on with it. Fingers crossed it’s something easily fixable.

I’m really looking forward to getting home. I haven’t been home in about 2 and a bit years. I don’t expect much to have changed, but there’s something about Monaghan that makes me happy just being there. I’ll get to see my nanny who I’ve not seen in forever, and specially after her brain surgery, I just want to give her a massive hug. Sophie’s coming with me and I’m really happy about that. I know we won’t be able to do an awful lot, but i think a week of enforced rest will be good for both of us. No hospital appointments, no work, no uni, just chill time. Definitely needed. Let’s just hope our flight back doesn’t involve the anti-terrorism police and ambulances being called to the plane (I’ll never, ever let her live that down)!



Following on from fellow blogger Emzie, I’m doing  a blogpost of the things you find in my handbag!



1 – My neb. I love my eflow. I don’t leave the house without it. It’s the quietest neb ever and it runs really quick aswell. It’s fab. I also carry a stupid amount of nebs around with me. It’s from a fear of splatting and the ambulance taking forever.
You’ll also see spare AA batteries below it. Because anyone else who has an eflow will know that they eat batteries like I eat chocolate. 

2 – Spare Headphones – I would cry my eyes out if I went out any my headphones died. So I always carry spare headphones and earbuds.

3 – My Panda Purse. Unlike Emz, I can’t afford Cath Kidson, so Claire’s Accessories has to do me!

4 – My iPod Speaker – Just cause everyone should carry such a thing. 

5 – Swiss Army Knife – Very important tool for me. It’s got scissors, toothpick, all sorts on it. And I’m forever finding uses for it both at home and out and about.

6 – Epi-Pen – Because there’s always someone who needs a stab for pissing me off.

7 – iPod and headphones – Like I said, I’d be lost without my headphones. And my iPod stops my phone battery from going to hell.

8 -Puzzle Book – Because I get bored sometimes and can’t be bothered getting my iPad or kindle out.

9 – BM Kit – Because sometimes I do silly things like stay out all day and don’t get around to checking my BM and it can get low/high without me realising, so I am meant to check it twice a day.

10 – Mentos and Maoam sweets – For the above reasons. If my sugars go low, I need something to get my sugars up.

11 – Vaseline – Because no girl should leave the house without this. 

12 – Inhaler – For those “asthmary” moments.

13 – Medic Alert bracelet – I have two, so I keep one in my purse incase I forget to put my other one in the morning.

14 – Hairbrush – Anyone who knows me will know that my bedheads are legendary. And I can get bedheads simply by looking in a mirror. I’m special like that.

15 – iPhone – The center of my universe. It’s got music, facebook, texts, everything on it. I dropped it in the sink last night and it stopped working for a bit. I couldn’t hear anything and my planet nearly collapsed. 

16 – iPad – Like above, iPads are fab. Cookie got me it for my 21st birthday and it’s the most fantastic thing I own. Spending so much time in hospital, it actually stops me from going nuts. Although I am already mad. 

17 – Kindle – I love my kindle. With all my heart. That little purple thing has 600 books on it. It’s the one thing I love almost as much as my phone. I loved mine so much that for my mum’s birthday and for fathers day for dad, I got them both one. Good gift ideas!

So there you go, a little insight into my handbag and my life!