A not 12 of 12 post.

Warning – This is a severe rant post. If you have a problem with that, don’t read it.

Well considering I’m in hospital again for the 12th I didn’t bother with 12 of 12. It just didn’t seem worth it seeing as that would be several months running I’ve been in hospital for it. 

I’m getting so unbelievably fed up with this whole situation. I was meant to be flying to Tenerife on the 6th January and was declared unfit to fly and was stuck in hospital. I managed Christmas at home, was admitted to ICU on Boxing night, in hospital until the 29th when I decided I’d had enough and discharged myself. Flew back to Manchester that evening and ended up back in my local at 1am. And have been here ever since. It just doesn’t seem to fecking end. I wanna see my dad. I want to be in tenerife in the sunshine. Not stuck in bloody Manchester with the threat of snow looming. It’s a pile of absolute bollocks and the height of unfairness in my opinion. And now Cookie’s in here aswell as she wasn’t keeping any fluids down which included her meds so she had to be admitted. And the best bit is I can’t even go and see her because I can’t get to the ward she’s on. It’s on the complete opposite side of the hospital and I can’t get that far on crutches with oxygen. 

I was meant to have lung function on Friday to determine the next step in my treatment but some plum didn’t book the thing right so it never happened. So I am sat here over the weekend feeling like absolute shite and can’t do anything about it until I see my consultant tomorrow after I’ve hopefully had the lung function that’s been booked for 10am. And heaven help them if they fuck this up, because I will go through the damned ceiling. 

So yea. Fed up at the minute doesn’t quite cover it.