The Bucket List

I’ve seen a few others doing this. I’ve known about these lists for about 4 years since I watched the Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman movie of that name. I think because I’ve done so much already, my bucket list never seemed like something that I would do. But feck it, It gives me something to aim towards.

1) Get back to 80kg and into a size 16 pair of trousers.

2) Climb to the top of Mt Tiede in Tenerife with dad.

3) Run around a 400m running track.

4) Go 4 weeks without a hospital admission. (Managed this from 10th Feb – 11th March 2014!)

5) Be able to walk without crutches. (17th August 2014)

6) Go to New Zealand again.

7) Get a tattoo of a butterfly on my shoulder. (Completed 8th Aug 2015)

8) Find a man who I love with all my heart and who loves me.

9) Get off painkillers completely.

10) Swim 20 lengths continuously.

11) Climb Slieve Donard.

12) Do a parachute jump in Tenerife.

13) Learn to play an instrument.

14) Walk up the church aisle with my little brother on his confirmation day without crutches.  (Done, but with crutches on 24th May 14)

15) Finish my room. (July 2014)

16) Take my best friend Michelle around Manchester and spend some proper time with her. (Managed this on New Years 2014)

17) Watch my dad and Irene get married. (26th July 2015)

18) Get into university in 2014.

19) Help Cookie get into education again.  (She’s starting college in Sept 2015)

20) Fundraise for Asthma UK and Ascape.

21) Go Scuba diving again.

22) Cycle 2 miles

23 Take my little brother for his first drink.

24) Teach my hamster to run up my shoulder.

25) Go to the Harry Potter Studio’s in London. 

I think that’s enough to be getting on with!


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